Insure ATM specialises in delivery and implementation of a wide range of security solutions to attack the criminal community with ATM targets. We are an innovating company in providing effective, high-end but cost effective protection technologies for any ATM machine or SST.

Major institutes all over the world are successfully using our technologies. To be one step ahead of any potential criminal incident and attack, we strongly believe in sharing knowledge on a global level. We work closely with a network of partners, suppliers and local authorities. We emphasise also that high-end protection should be also cost effective for our customers. We are leading in providing logistic and implementation solutions for all kind of ATM vandalism and ATM security related issues.

Prevention & Protection

A variety of effective technologies to combat ATM crime we offer and examples are: Cash Security, Anti-Skimming, Anti-Cash Trapping, Gas Protection, Deep Insert Skimming & Shimming Prevention and Anti-Ram Raid. To provide insight in our portfolio of the anti-fraud solutions, some techniques are summarized.

Cash Security

Insure ATM is distributor of solution SMARTSTAIN. An approach to complete protection of ATMs against robbery attacks by neutralization of banknotes with ink. This appears as a different strategy for protection, thus moving away from the usual concept of physical security, leading to the path of electronic security. This will avoid the use of heavy and expensive systems that will not always protects against the most aggressive attempts of assault, paving the way for lighter systems that are less expensive and whose capacity exceeds the previous response. This type of solution provides efficient protection against current techniques of physical attacks to ATMs, irreversibly marking the banknotes with a coloured and indelible ink that will leave a solid trail behind those who try to transact stolen cash and at the same time feeding the criminal investigations in search of those responsible. This will provide a huge deterrent to ATM attacks. Read more: Cash Security.


One of the anti-skimming solutions we offer, we call Secure Carder Feeder which ensures that the card must be entered in a different way. Because the card is inserted sideways in a protected channel, the magnetic strip is guarded during the transaction in this secured environment, in which no skimming equipment can be placed. As a result skimming is not possible. Furthermore the special shape of the Secure Card Feeder inhibits card trapping and it also inhibits the placing of very tiny inlay-skimming devices. The Secure Card Feeder is available in 3 model types: standard – premium – premium plus. Read more: Anti-skimming.

Anti-Cash Trapping

A twist on the attack of cash trapping is the use of claw-like devices that thieves insert into the cash-dispensing slot which are capable of capturing the dispensed bills. The device, called Cross Bracket blocks cash trapping. With a cover plate and with claw-like devices. A cover plate with glue strips and the claw-like device cannot be placed anymore because of the special design of the Cross Bracket. The Cross Bracket is highly vandal resistant. The rugged appearance provides the customer total confidence: with the Cross Bracket the ATM has a clearly visible and recognizable protection. Read more: Anti-Cash Trapping.

Gas Protection

Attacks on ATMs are on the increase worldwide. As these attacks grow, the industry needs to protect not only the cash inside ATMs but to minimise the damage to premises and prevent the risk to customers or staff which is a high priority. The Gas Protection solution we offer can minimise the effect of an explosive gas attack on an ATM. It suppresses the gas after detection and can render the explosive gas ineffective. The system can be easily fitted inside the ATM's cabinet and effectively protecting the ATM against an explosive gas attack which helps protect the ATM, your premises and customers. The unit we deliver is certified and is approved as fit for purpose by the OEMs. All components are fully CE tested and approved. The suppression used are ozone friendly and will not harm the environment. Read more: Gas Protection.

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