Insure ATM delivers appropriate support on location: Repair - Troubleshooting. A defective ATM is unplanned and it is economically essential to get this machine repaired, back in a perfect working condition. To meet the demand of your customers we offer a prompt, effective and economically priced advice and service.

Our expertise in the management of ATM estates is extensive and of high quality. Which is essential in order tot minimize the total cost of ownership of the ATM infrastructure. We deliver our customers a completely managed field service support, which encompasses provision and full installation service with transport, construction and maintenance for all types of ATM machines. The quality of our on-site service solutions are of a high standard and can be guaranteed in accordance with next benefits and features:

Competency: well trained and experienced field support technicians with knowledge of a wide variety of banking equipment.
Adequacy: rapid response time to realize a low down-time of ATMs.
Efficiency: service delivery according an efficient and strict procedures.


Our on-site support covers mainly repair and troubleshooting as needed to resolve unplanned ATM related issues; the main tools for managing a 1st and 2nd line service maintenance are:

- Helpdesk service in order to report, identify the machine's problem
- Service vehicles well stocked with required parts for replacement of faulty unit or module on site
- Online service call status facility

Let us help to extend the lifecycle of your customers ATMs, for extra information please feel free to contact us to learn more!