S.I.D. Security Interlock Device

To prevent attempted attacks against the ATMs with the introduction of explosive material through the banknotes presentation area, there is the Security Interlock Device.

We are proud to bring this innovative solution to the market through our global partnership with M.I.B. The models supported are:
Procash 2050XE, 2150XE, Cineo 2550, 2560, 8050XE, 8150XE.
NCR 6625, NCR 6626,  NCR 6627, NCR 6634.

The mechanism is an anti-burglar device managed by an electronic logic that interacts with the ATM and supports in security each operation of banknotes distribution. This device, in its first presentation to the market, is designed to equip ATMs with a synchronized mobile mechanical barrier. The system enables a real physical interlock, closing the safe behind the presenter during banknotes transit. The Security Interlock Device allows the opening of the shutter, to the client side, after checking the affected area. In addition, the innovative solution protects the passage to inside the safe even if the thieves use cloned cards.

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