Using an Automated Teller Machine, an easy and convenient way to withdraw or deposit money. For each transaction the cash machine should work correctly. In any case of issues, every financial institution or service provider is obliged to solve the problem. 

To realize the lowest down-time, Insure ATM is your perfect partner for maintenance and development of ATMs. To explain the product advantage of multi-vendor Insure ATM, we emphasize our comprehensive ATM product collection and premium value for money. Main values of Insure ATM are being independent, we focus on the major brands and having a global reach. When you need ATM parts and modules, we know that quality and price are your priority. By knowledge increasing of the industry and by continuously developing our global resources and assets, we aim to become the supplier of premium and profitable solutions for your business. Our policy is to constantly improve all aspects of the business to ensure that our products meet our customer's expectations and requirements.

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Insure ATM specialises in delivery and implementation of a wide range of security solutions to attack the criminal community who target ATMs. We are an innovating company in providing effective, high-end but cost effective protection technologies for any ATM machine or SST. 

Major institutes all over the world are successfully using our technologies. To be one step ahead of any potential criminal incident and attack, we strongly believe in sharing knowledge on a global level. We work closely with a network of partners, suppliers and local authorities.

We emphasize also that high-end protection should be also cost effective for our customers. We are leading in providing logistic and implementation solutions for all kind of ATM vandalism and ATM security related issues. Let us help to find the best technique for prevention and protection. A variety of effective technologies to combat ATM crime we offer and examples are: Cash Security, Anti-Skimming, Anti-Cash Trapping, Gas Protection, Deep Insert Skimming & Shimming Prevention and Anti-Ram Raid. To provide insight in our portfolio of the anti-fraud solutions, some techniques are summarized in specified articles.

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If you currently have ageing ATMs, maximise the value of your assets by remanufacturing, upgrading and redeploying them. We can offer refurbishment of any ATM and component, including major brands as NCR and Diebold Nixdorf. 

Insure ATM developed an unique refurbishment technique. We make sure that the used ATMs and spare parts are in an excellent condition, have the same features and look as the brand new ones.

The mechanical fixes are done in house or external by trained technicians of our partnerships. After thorough inspection, quality checks, refitting   and retesting, the renovated products are good substitutes of new ones. They are never sold as new products, they are re-labelled as refurbished units, even they are mechanically good-as-new. Also upgrades are carried out to the highest level by our technicians, e.g. card readers, dispensers, EPP keyboards etc. A refurbishment process is mostly inclusive a cosmetic restoration. The products are painted in the way our customers require.

Saving money. Our refurbishments meet their equivalent specifications and exact expectations and, very important, are offered for excellent prices. We conclude that our restored products are a profitable solution for your capital investments.Insure ATM's aim, reducing costs without reducing quality!

We are responsible for the global environment. Among all the considerations is another added benefit. Refurbishing electronic products are a wonderful way to 'go green'. In a world that is struggling with environmental responsibilities, we are resorting to recycle than dump ATM-related waste and cut losses through refurbishing products.

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